We have recently upgraded our powder coating facility with a new 8m x 4m shot blast unit and extended our oven to 8m x 4m.  In addition to powder coating we have also added a thermal arc metal spraying facility.

Powder Coating is a superior method of providing a protective coating to all metal products for domestic or industrial purposes.  This includes coatings for small individual parts, gates, balustrades, stairs, architectural items, as well as car, bike and truck parts.  Powder coating is more durable than conventional wet spray painting.   The coating is applied electrostatically in a powder spray form and the item is then baked in a curing oven at 200°C.  This results in an attractive, high quality, smooth, hard paint like finish which is free from imperfections and tougher than conventional paint.  Powder coated finishes are extremely resistant to chipping, flaking, adverse weather conditions and general wear and tear.

With years of experience, we can offer advice to help you choose from variety of different finishes for a wide variety of special needs and purposes. Select from a range of textures, styles and special effects from a large range of available colours.

Combine our laser cutting, folding and powder coating capabilities for a complete one stop shop.

Please call 01722 746886 and ask for Tim, or send your enquiry to powdercoating@bneservices.co.uk